Pabbo PV Solar


The Pabbo 20MW PV solar Project, in Northern Uganda, will provide reliable electricity supply and improved access to clean water for the benefit of local rural villages.  The town of Pabbo hosts a number of Uganda’s Internally Displaced Persons (“IDP”) camps, and urgently requires reliable power generation in order to develop its economic potential.

Primary Economic Benefits

  • Rural populations and commercial entities will have first-time access to grid based electricity supply, augmenting commercial trading activity and improving education opportunities. Local communities will be provided with clean water, contributing to the improvement of local health conditions and decreased water collection efforts.
  • The project will provide needed assistance in the development and financing of rural infrastructure for the Government of Uganda.

Primary Social Benefits

  • The project will enhance local standards of living by enhancing productivity and improving productivity, health management, farming techniques and commerce. Education, information access, and health and safety services will also benefit.
  • It is expected the project will employ up to 60 temporary workers for the duration of the construction phase and up to 15 permanent workers during operations.

Primary Structure

  • Total project costs are forecast at $30 million, with the majority related to EPC contracts and the purchase of capital assets. eleQtra will leverage its experience developing the Kalangala Infrastructure Project, a multi-sector infrastructure project also located in Uganda, including for the project debt financing.

Project Relevance

  • The project will provide a cost effective and sustainable renewable energy solution towards the reduction of Uganda’s current 198 MW power generation deficit, as well as help in the revitalization of the regional economy.


Pabbo PV Solar


Developer In Charge

John Opiro