From eleQtra's inception we have striven to build a unique company culture that defines the life of the firm.

Greenfield Infrastructure development and investment is a highly entrepreneurial endeavour. Success in this industry requires tenacity and a broad set of skills including, the negotiation of satisfactory engineering, construction, fuel/feedstock supply, and offtake contracts, securing required government permits, raising debt and equity financing and completing construction on schedule and within budget.

Consequently, our people – their creativity, persistence, teamwork and integrity – are our key assets.

We maintain a flat business organisation where the number of management levels is kept to the absolute minimum and we believe in supporting, promoting and advancing all persons who have taken responsibility, established a track record and built a reputation within and outside the firm.

We have a responsibility to set high standards: to be, and be seen to be, a business which is committed to integrity.

We operate our business to the highest professional standards on the basis of honesty, integrity, openness and fairness in business dealings, both internally and externally.