eleQtra is committed to achieving the highest standards of ethical trading with both customers and suppliers.
The company strives to be the standard-bearer for anti-bribery practices and accreditations in the industry.

eleQtra has published a Compliance Policy which contains our commitments to behave ethically.

eleQtra has developed and embraced an internal anti-corruption compliance programme led by a dedicated Director of Compliance. The Director of Compliance provides guidance and consistent understanding of the company’s policies.

If you believe that any activity of eleQtra or a project company, or its respective officers, directors, employees, customers, shareholders, joint venture partners, consortium partners, contractors, sub-contractors, agents, consultants or suppliers :

  • poses a danger to the health and safety of any employee or any other individual
  • may cause damage to the environment
  • involves the possible commission of a criminal offence or other improper act (e.g. bribery, fraud, cartel, money laundering, terrorist financing or other corrupt activity)
  • involves failure to comply with a legal obligation
  • interferes with proper judicial process (such as, for example, destruction of evidence in any legal proceedings)
  • involves financial misreporting
  • involves a deliberate cover-up of any of the above

Then you should promptly report the concern to eleQtra’s Director of Compliance:

Michael Sergeant

Tel:   +44 (0)20 7079 3079
Mob: +44 (0) 7880 186170
Email: michael.sergeant@eleqtra.com

If you have any other grievance or concern relating to your employment, then you should follow eleQtra’s Grievance Procedure, not this procedure.

eleQtra encourages you to report any concerns, provided that these are made in good faith.  It is your ethical duty to report such concerns.  There is no legal duty in either the UK or USA to report such concerns, except in the case of suspected money laundering.

All reports will be treated seriously by eleQtra.  Upon receipt of a report, the Director of Compliance will investigate the report.

You will as far as possible be kept informed of the progress of the investigation of any report made by you, and you may be asked to provide further information.

Where requested by you, eleQtra will as far as possible keep your identity confidential (unless eleQtra is required by law to disclose this information).

Reports may be made anonymously (but this may make it more difficult for eleQtra to establish the facts).

If you make a report in good faith, you will be protected from any detrimental action even if the concern was not justified. Any eleQtra employee who takes any detrimental action against a person reporting in good faith will be subject to disciplinary proceedings by eleQtra.

If you feel that it is inappropriate to make a report under eleQtra’s procedures, or if you wish to receive independent advice, you can contact Public Concern at Work which is an independent charity which has a confidential helpline to provide free, confidential advice on whistle-blowing matters. Public Concern at Work:  020 7404 6609 –  www.pcaw.org.uk


BS_10500BS 10500 Accreditation In 2014 eleQtra achieved certification to the British Standard BS 10500 for anti-bribery management.BS 10500 is the new management system developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in response to the UK Bribery Act 2010. All of our employees are subject to this legislation, which covers the global activities of companies headquartered in the UK. The achievement puts the company at the very forefront of ethical trading.