London 20 July 2018:

eleQtra is pleased to announce the recent signature of a grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency to accelerate the development of its wind power project in Mozambique. The grant will provide crucial funding to accelerate eleQtra’s first wind project in Mozambique, the Namaacha Wind project.

When it comes on stream, the Namaacha wind project is expected to be the first IPP wind project operational in the Mozambique. Located in an area that is close to the capital city of Maputo and in an area of excellent wind resources, the project is expected to reinforce the renewable power production capabilities of Mozambique and will play an important part in meeting Mozambique’s growing electricity demand.

eleQtra has selected Mozambique as a priority country to increase its activities in the clean energy sector. With an office established in Maputo, the company plans to push ahead with the development of its portfolio of energy projects. The Namaacha Wind Project is an important part of this initiative. The project will generate up to 120MW of energy in the Namaacha District of Southern Mozambique (the “Project”). eleQtra has signed an MOU with the Fund for Energy (FUNAE) in the Ministry of Energy granting eleQtra development rights for the Project. The Project will be developed with a Phase 1 of 60MW, to be followed by another phase of 60MW as demand evolves.

Lauren Thomas, head of the eleQtra office in Maputo said “We are extremely proud that eleQtra’s initiative to develop a wind farm in Namaacha will receive this critical early-stage funding from the US Government. We hope that this support will lead to the strengthening of the Mozambican power supply with the first wind IPP in the country and we look forward to working with USTDA to complete these fundamental feasibility studies.”

About eleQtra

eleQtra is a private infrastructure development company, operating in sub-Saharan countries. eleQtra specialises in putting together greenfield infrastructure investments in Africa with a particular emphasis on renewable energy projects. The firm has built up a solid track record of implementing projects in the power and other sectors – delivering big development gains in challenging environments.

In the twelve years since its creation, eleQtra has helped catalyse more than $1.5 billion of investment in new infrastructure across sub-Saharan Africa.


Richard Parry, Partner eleQtra: