eleQtra is pleased to announce the signing of a new development services agreement with its long-standing client, InfraCo Africa Limited.  The new agreement extends a relationship dating back to 2005, when eleQtra was first appointed as InfraCo’s exclusive manager to develop infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa utilising funds provided by the Private Infrastructure Development Group. 

Over the years eleQtra has successfully developed a number of projects on behalf of InfraCo, including the Chanyanya irrigation project in Zambia, the Cenpower CCGT power project in Ghana, the Kalangala multi-sector project in Uganda and the Cabeólica wind power project in Cape Verde.  The new contract signed in March 2020 extends eleQtra’s involvement to 2021 and is intended to allow eleQtra to bring three further power and marine transport projects to a successful close, located in Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique.