eleQtra is pleased to announce the recent signature of a grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). The grant will provide crucial funding to accelerate development activities for the 100Mwh/25.6MW Pabbo Hybrid Energy Storage and Generation Project in the northern region of Uganda.

eleQtra is developing a 100MWh energy storage and grid services project in the Republic of Uganda with hybrid solar generation.  The Project will provide storage of approximately 180 MWh per day of net dispatchable energy for its lifetime of 20+ years using a stored energy system to ensure plant availability to supply the grid and be dispatched when power is needed. The Project will provide much needed grid support to Uganda, spinning reserve, generation shifting from overnight hours to dispatchable peak and super-peak hours, and 10 MW of incremental solar generation, made dispatchable by energy storage systems.

The Pabbo Hybrid Energy Storage and Generation Project will have direct and indirect regional and national impacts, in terms of economic development and improved health. As the rural network expands, the Project will contribute towards meeting the existing latent demand for electricity in the local areas, thereby reducing reliance on kerosene lamps (currently used for lighting), which are associated with numerous adverse health effects (smoke inhalation, burns, etc.). Furthermore, the electricity that the Project will supply to the national grid will help reduce dependence on hydro and thermal power in Uganda and will assist the Government in achieving their target to bring more renewable energy capacity online.

About eleQtra

eleQtra is a leading developer of power and transportation projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, and has been delivering greenfield infrastructure in the region since 2005.  eleQtra’s strategy is to develop, invest in, own and operate clean energy and transportation solutions. eleQtra has an experienced team with deep technical and local expertise operating from our offices in London, New York, Accra, Kampala, Maputo, Nairobi and Lusaka.

eleQtra has operated in Uganda since 2005 and acted as lead developer of the Kalangala Infrastructure Services (“KIS”) project. KIS is a $50 million multi-sector infrastructure project including a 1.6 MW hybrid solar PV/ diesel  power plant in Kalangala-Uganda, the first multi-sector PPP structure in Uganda.