Electrification of Off-Grid Health Centers with Solar eleQtra™


eleQtra has developed an innovative off-grid solar solution, Solar eleQtra™, and aims to empower people living in off-grid communities with affordable, powerful, clean energy using solar.

eleQtra has been working closely with the Ministry of Health in Uganda to identify priority health centers in need of electrification. In June 2020, the Solar eleQtra™ was installed at the Buwolero Health Center II, Buwenge Rural, in Jinja District to provide reliable power supply to the health facility.

Solar eleQtra™:

Each Solar eleQtra ™ unit has a design capacity for each compact unit to deliver up to 5 kWh per day of reliable capacity to off-grid customers with an estimated average energy output of 3.1 kWh per day in a typical installation in Uganda.

“Plug & Play” System:

  • 640 Wp solar PV panels
  • 1KW dc/ac inverter
  • 2.4 kWh lead-acid sealed batteries rated at 100 amp-hours
  • 4 electrical plugs & 4 USB connections
  • 24V solar charge controller
  • Automatic fuses for batteries (DC), with external reset capability (on panel cover)
  • AM AC Smart Meter with remote control device

Buwolero Health Center II:

Electrification of the Buwolero Health Center II has enabled a greater provision of services across lighting, refrigeration, and charging.

The Solar eleQtra™ now powers lighting in the:

  • Treatment Toom
  • Administration office
  • Labor Ward
  • Cold room
  • Children’s Ward

and supplies electricity for the:

  • medical refrigerator
  • charging points for phones and laptops

Following Solar eleQtra™ installation, the Buwolero Health Center II experienced a 94% increase in the total number of patients seen.

Electrification of Off-Grid Health Centers with Solar eleQtra™


Sponsoring government ministries

Ministry of Health

More Project Information

The Solar eleQtra™ is currently operating in Uganda, with planned scaling up and expansion into eleQtra’s other target markets, including Ghana and Mozambique, as well as Zambia, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal.